Cash For Gold Calculator

The Cash for Gold Calculator on National Gold Market was design to educate the public about current prices for all precious metals in the stock market. Being a reputable gold buyer nationwide for over 8 years, we have come across many reasons why it is important to know how much gold, silver and platinum are really worth. The prices of gold, silver and platinum are based on the metals purity. Gold comes in different purities, also known as karat. The lowest karat, that is the most common, is 10K and the highest karat, which is typically found in jewelry from overseas, is 22K. The higher the karat the more gold it consists of. Gold coins and gold bullions consist of higher karat than jewelry. Typically they are stamped .999 which would make them pure gold or 24K.

Over the years we have come across many companies that are known to deceive consumers into thinking they are paying justified prices for their precious metals. But have consumers ever really given much thought into where these companies are getting their prices? That is where National Gold Market differs from other companies. Our prices that we pay to the public are broken down in a certain percentage from the Live Gold Price Chart. These prices are full market value but are not the prices we pay out. This is just to inform consumers on where exactly we get our prices for the public. We are a honest and transparent business and help take the confusion out when it comes to selling your precious metals. National Gold Market does its best to keep up with the live feed for all precious metals and is consistently fluctuating every few minutes. Feel free to browse with ease and remember to keep National Gold Market in mind when shopping around to liquidate your precious metals.

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